There are few LA neighborhoods more iconic than Beverly Hills, a place synonymous with wealth, glamour, and opulence — home to Housewives and “champagne wishes and caviar dreams,” as well as Brandon Walsh and Dylan McKay (swoon).

“Troop Beverly Hills” was one of our all-time favorite movies growing up, and fantasies of slumber parties in silk pajamas at the Beverly Hills Hotel persisted into our 20s. But is there more to the neighborhood than its infamous zip code and one of the most upscale shopping boulevards in the world? We set out to uncover the well-known and the local favorites, in a place that offers both major movie moments and more intimate experiences.

Stop 1: Aharon Coffee

This sweet coffeeshop stands out in a swath of Starbucks. They take their coffee bean roasting very seriously, producing all their coffee in-house using artisan small-batch methods.

And you can taste their commitment to great coffee — it extends to all aspects of your drink: organic milks, flavored syrups and an incredible hazelnut-almond milk made on site.

(9467 Charleville Boulevard, Beverly Hills)

Stop 2: Greystone Mansion & Gardens

This mansion and estate is owned by the city of Beverly Hills, and is one of the prettiest places to wander with a cup of coffee (BYOC!) The grounds were first owned by Edward Laurence Doheny, a Midwestern boy who moved out west just before 1900 and struck oil in LA and Mexico.

Edward’s son Ned and his family would ultimately live in the palatial manor built on the grounds (a generous wedding gift from dear ol’ dad!) But only a few months after they moved in, Ned was murdered by a long-time friend in the $3 million home — the house changed hands a handful of times before being dedicated to the city in 1971.

The home contains the original Brunswick bowling alley and a hidden bar, and the grounds offer some incredible panoramic views of the city, from downtown LA to the beach. Perfect for a day-time date!

Insider’s tip: Free entry and parking.

(905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills)

Stop 3: Momed

Momed is known for one of the best breakfasts in LA (especially the shakshuka!) The modern restaurant offers a delicious mix of Mediterranean foods and un-Beverly Hills prices (a great combination, in our opinion!) We caught the tail-end of their weekend brunch, ordering the Momed Platter with eggplant ikra, hummus, and muhammara (choice of 3 dips for $14.50) with a Fattoush salad (so fresh and yummy!) and the fig & arugula flatbread.

The cinnamon french toast made with challah is a must-try for our next visit, and we still need to taste that darn shaksuka. Thank goodness they have an Atwater Village location, too!

(233 S Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills)

Stop 4: The Witch's House

The Spadena House, aka The Witch’s House, certainly stands out in Beverly Hills: the storybook home was designed by a Hollywood art director in the 1920s and looks more Hansel & Gretel than Kim & Kanye. It was originally built to serve as the dressing room for a film studio in Culver City and then moved to its current location in 1934.

The first full-time residents were the members of the Spadena family, who gave the house its name, and subsequent residents made additions to the home (like a moat and a garden). The house had fallen into disrepair by the late 1990s, and it took a major renovation to restore it to its original glory.

Nowadays, the home appears in movies and TV shows, and a celebrity tour bus stopped right in front while we were there (a stark change from decades past, when neighbors used to leave angry letters in the mailbox, calling for a tear-down). A must-see piece of LA movie history, right in the middle of a Beverly Hills neighborhood.

(516 Walden Drive, Beverly Hills)

Stop 5: Sprinkle's Cupcakes

The OG of dessert crazes, Sprinkles Cupcakes is still damn delicious after more than a decade. Before macarons, before cronuts, cupcake bakeries spoke to our collective sweet tooth. (Oh, and the cupcake ATM outside is the stuff of late-night munchie dreams).

We ordered the chocolate marshmallow cupcake (which tasted exactly like a ding-dong!) and the salty caramel cupcake. Both were scrumptious, and the icing on the caramel cupcake could have easily been dessert on its own — SO. GOOD.

(9631 S Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills)

Stop 6: Rodeo Drive

Cuz we had to, right?!

The ground was laid on this famous 2-mile stretch of high-end shopping way back in 1906, and by the 1920s, it was home to hardware stores, gas stations, beauty shops and more. In the late 1960s, the first luxury brands starting opening storefronts (Giorgio Beverly Hills and Vidal Sassoon) and grew as an international fashion center over the ensuing decades.

Check out the Beverly Wilshire Hotel to re-live your favorite scenes from “Pretty Woman” and then head over to The House of Bijan, the most expensive store in the world (customers supposedly average $10,000 a visit and socks start at $50). Caviar dreams, my friends.

(From Beverwil to Sunset Boulevard)

The Details:

Beverly Hills isn’t the most pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, but there’s always a celebrity tour bus! We walked through most of Rodeo Drive and Beverly Drive, and caught an Uber up to Greystone Mansion (cheating slightly, but hey!)

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