Favorites: Burgers!

There’s nothing more American (and more LA!) than burgers — vegan, between two donuts, with gravy & eggs, and everything in between. Here are our faves, just in time for the July 4th weekend!

PONO BURGER - Santa Monica

Where organic grassfed burgers are served with a Hawaiian twist, Pono Burger embraces everything great about Santa Monica: the materials and ingredients of the restaurant are all locally sourced, down to the firewood and the fresh flowers from the farmer’s market. The menu changes seasonally, the beef comes from a family-owned California ranch – and did we mention you can eat your meal in a World War II bunker?

We ordered the Piku “Fig” Burger, The Paniolo Burger, the Russet Potato Fries, and a half-order of the Seasonal Farmer’s Market Salad. The Piku was a clear favorite, because the combination of brie cheese and fig was other worldly, although the sauce on The Paniolo was something we wanted to eat by the spoonful. The folks at Pono have perfected the details of their menu – the meat is juicy, the burger bun is fluffy and sweet, and their condiments are divine (the aioli! the guava rum sauce! the coffee Bourbon barbecue sauce!)

“Pono” most definitely has to mean DELICIOUS (it actually means “to do the right way”). Umami what?

(829 Broadway, Santa Monica)


This here is our favorite burger in Hawthorne. And you can find it in the airport! No joke, Eureka Tasting Kitchen took over the restaurant inside the Hawthorne airport a couple years ago and their Fresno Fig Burger – complete with fig marmalade, melted goat cheese, bacon, tomato, red onion, arugula, and spicy porter mustard – quickly stole our heart.

They have a great a great beer selection and live music often on the weekends too!

(12101 S Crenshaw Blvd, Hawthorne, CA 90250)


We chose The Rockefeller (the Manhattan Beach location) to celebrate National Burger Month (May) and were so glad we did! It was an amazing evening indulging in burgers created especially for the occasion: the hands-down favorite was this beast (The Burger of the Month) – with three different kinds of meat: pork belly, bacon and two beef patties; an oozing hot fried egg, a kick from the ranchero sauce, lime crema, jalapeno jack cheese, and (yes) tortilla chips – all with an added dose of freshness from the avocado and shredded lettuce.

We had 99 problems, but a good burger was NOT one.

(1209 Highland Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266)

STUFF I EAT - Inglewood

We are big fans of the all-meat and lots-of-cheese burger (obvi, per this post), but every once in awhile, we have a craving for a vegetarian rendition – and a veggie option that stands up to its meaty counterparts is not that easy to find; even in the land of vegans and rawatarians! That’s why when we found the Nut Burger at Stuff I Eat, WE went nuts and had to include it as one of our favorite burgers. ‘Cuz vegans need good burgers too!

Stuff I Eat is a true hidden gem. You wouldn’t think that you’d find a legit vegan spot in the middle of Inglewood, but when you realize that their specialty is vegan twists on soul food favorites, it all makes sense. This place is ADORABLE – from the colorful African art that line the walls to the slow jams rockin’ through the speakers and the friendly staff who can often be found singing and dancing along back in the kitchen. And THE FOOD. Everything we tried was on. point. but the Nut Burger stole our heart – built with cashews, walnuts and wild rice, the veggie patty is served on a sprouted whole grain bun with vegenaise, German mustard, and topped with cucumber, mushrooms, grilled onion, tomatoes, pickles, mixed greens and sprouts and is served with cottage-fried potatoes. We did not miss the meat ooooone bit.

(114 N Market St, Inglewood)

BACARI PDR - Playa Del Rey

Who says burgers can’t be for breakfast?!

One of our favorite post-party (ahem: hangover) brunches can be found at Bacari PDR in Playa. Brunch is made up of several small plate options – perfect for sharing (or not!) – but the clutch option is the Bacari Breakfast Burger. It’s served open faced with Worcestershire aioli, caramelized onion, and the optional (but we feel mandatory) fried egg. PERFECTION.

(6805 Vista Del Mar Ln, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293)


As soon as we discovered the Hickory Burger at Sixth St Tavern, it has become very difficult to be in the Financial District without popping in and ordering one… lunch, happy hour, dinner, all of the above.

This bad boy is filled up with oozy smoked cheddar, crisp bacon, fresh lettuce, pickles & bbq sauce by default, but we also recommend adding a fried egg (because duh). You also used to be able to order duck fat fries which were BOMB, but their garlic Parmesan fries to do the trick too.

(630 W 6th St, Los Angeles)

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